Yakiniku Large 19 ", incl. access for woodchipper, grid (49 cm) and fire bowl.


  • The Yakiniku is a kamado grill made of extra thick ceramic of the highest quality in combination with the very strong mineral cordierite.
  • All stainless steel used is of the type 304.
  • The chimney is made of 304 stainless steel.
  • The chimney is standard equipped with a rain hat and
    dishwasher safe
  • The axle shell is wide, this for more axle volume.
  • Seal is made of fiberglass for a durable seal.
  • The oxygen supply is divided into units of measure.
  • The Woodchipper is airtight and double insulated so that you can use it
    can operate kamado and add smoke moth.
  • Equipped with woodchipper, airtight and double insulated, here-
    door can add more flavor during preparation.
  • The fire bowl consists of several parts, with ash tray and stand.
  • Suitable for 6 to 8 people

Standard delivered with stainless steel grill grate, coal basket and fire bowls

coal basket with coal separator.


** Summer ACTION, free accessories to survive the hot summer!

- Woodchipper

- Charcoal 5 KG

- Smoke wood 500GR

- Hot sauce (Go-Tan)

- Water purification Binchotan

- Yakiniku Fan

Large Yakiniku Grill 19" Set with base and side plates