Beefing up the people, the motto of the Japanese. Bring people together with food and simply grill on a traditional Japanese grill. A nice summer evening with family and friends together. The table filled with good food and grilling. A delicious evening-filling program where your guests can enjoy a summer gourmet.


The Shichirin is made of ceramic with quartz, cordierite and baked at a high temperature. This makes this Shichirin a real powerhouse. The grill is easy to clean due to the glazed exterior. The appliance can only be used outdoors with briquettes, self-igniting briquettes or charcoal. The Japanese use binchotan charcoal, the black gold of Japan, which means that extremely high temperatures can be reached. A real Yakitori grill reaches a temperature of 900+ degrees. In addition to use as a Yakitori grill (skewers), a round grill, which comes standard with a grill, can also be supplied with a teppanyaki plate as an accessory. In short, the entire Japanese kitchen in 1 device (also called Konro or Hibachi).



• Standard bamboo coaster and portable base

• Stainless steel grid


Suitable for up to 6 people

Shichirin round